Fuzzi believes in the silence that creates the magical atmosphere of a world where unimaginable beauty and passion exists, where clothes, and not the stylist’s name, stands out.



Family-run company since 1954

Anna Maria Fuzzi, President

Anna Maria Fuzzi, President


Inspired by the traditions of a family that has long traded in woollen yarn, Adele Bacchiani Fuzzi, founded the company in 1954 in Cattolica. 

The collections were initially created by the company founder, using hand looms. Popular in the domestic market through three agents.  

In the early 1970s, her daughter Anna Maria Fuzzi, after having graduated, joined the company, where she put together a team of designers and enter foreign markets. 

Since then, the company has successfully grown within international arena.


Adele Bacchiani Fuzzi, established the company FMC (Fuzzi Maglificio Cattolica) producing first rate knitwear and jersey garments for men and women.




After studying at university, Anna Maria Fuzzi, daughter of Adele Bacchiani Fuzzi starts her activities within the company, responsible for style and production.


At Sala Bianca at Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Fuzzi debuts its first pret-à-porter collection on the catwalk.



Fuzzi signs its first license contract with Jean Paul Gaultier.

jeanpaul e operaie.jpg


Anna Maria Fuzzi, together with Jean Paul Gaultier, selected special fabric and outfits for the rock star Madonna tour.


First license contract with JOOP!.



First license contract with Hugo Boss.