Fuzzi meets Ruven Afanador



Seven brings together the most beautiful pictures from Fuzzi’s seven catalogues of collections, produced by Ruven Afanador between 2002 and 2005.

The catalogues are seven stories to get to know the Fuzzi world. 
Each collection has been interpreted according to different criteria. This is why, although they do indeed have expressive continuity, the catalogues are unique works, to enjoy through a celebratory moment of the entire work.

This page features a roundup of the very best pictures from the seven collections, from 2003 to 2006, worn by image icons and super models, such as Kirsten Owen and Eva Riccobono, in unforgettable locations which become one and the same with the colours, shapes and glamour of the Fuzzi woman.

Ruven Afanador
Ruven Afanador was born and grew up in Colombia, and owes much to Italian cinema and the glamour of the Milan runways. Highly esteemed fashion photographer, in 2000 he received the “Best Photographer of the Year” award at the Fashion Trophy in Paris.